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Contract Lab Service : a new tool for tailor-made microbiological testing

Our new Contract Lab Service strives to provide our customers with all the testing requirements needed for their specific microbiological protocols. To accomplish this, bioMérieux has the following values :

1. Meet the highest Pharmaceutical Industry requirements thanks to a rigorous Quality Assurance policy. Our Quality System is certified ISO 9001: 2008 and EN ISO 13485: 2004 for all its activities.

2. Advise you on the best testing methods to achieve your goals.

3. Our personnel are fully trained in all available instrumentation and testing methods to provide the highest quality results in accordance with GLP standards.

Tailor-made microbiological testing

bioMérieux offers 45 years of expertise in microbiology  to our customers for microbiological testing. Our team of dedicated experts will carry out tailor-made analyses according to specific protocols and requirements to evaluate culture media performance, such as :

1. Growth promotion test with Pharmacopoeial and/or in house strains
2. Neutralization efficacy with in house disinfectants
3. Dehydration resistance during active or passive air sampling
4. Inactivation of antibiotics …

Operational Integrity Policy

Before any customer work is accepted, our technical team will verify that we are able to meet your needs through a feasibility request form.


bioMérieux Confidentiality Policy

bioMérieux will apply utmost care to protect and maintain the confidentiality of all information, material or microorganisms sent by you. All data generated during the study remains the property of our customers. The service includes frequent updates and progress reports throughout the entire project.

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