• Quantiswab®


High quality surface swab

  • Improved microorganism recovery
  • Innovative Nylon Flocked technology
  • Reliable

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Quantitative Environmental Monitoring


With the innovative Nylon flocked QUANTISWAB®, bioMérieux offers a considerable improvement to the recovery of microorganisms from surfaces. QUANTISWAB is indeed the first swab capable of performing quantitative environmental monitoring.

The performance of the product relies on the breakthrough Nylon Flocked technology: micro-fibres of Nylon are projected against an adhesive tip, resulting in swabs of higher performance. With more than 90% release capacity of the captured microorganisms, bioMérieux guarantees results of high reliability.


Specifically designed for aseptic manufacturing facilities, QUANTISWAB® is protected by triple sterile packaging, perfect for the biopharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.


QUANTISWAB® offers you great versatility for all workflows: either direct inoculation immediately after swabbing, or use the included transport tube, with up to 8 hours validated storage, for processing later in the Quality Control lab.

Granted by Copan to bioMérieux, QUANTISWAB® distribution is available worldwide.


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