Eredményhez szükséges idő

Kihívásokkal néz szembe a gyors, megbízható eredmények nyújtásában, amelyekkel támogatni tudja a betegek ellátására vonatkozó döntéseket? Tisztában van vele, hogy a gyors eredmények épp annyira múlnak a folyamatokon, mint a megfelelő minőségű diagnosztikai termékeken – és szeretné tudni, hogy hol kezdje?

A bioMérieux a laboratóriumok egészét veszi figyelembe, így segíthet Önnek az eredményig eltelő idő optimális biztosításában.

Delivering timely actionable results to clinicians is a constant challenge for microbiology labs. With rapid, high medical value tests, optimal lab workflow and automatic lab-to-ward results transmission, you can meet that challenge.

Clinicians need access to rapid, simple tests that can rule in or out infection, diagnose a syndrome (sepsis, pneumonia), or identify a specific pathogen or resistance determinant. When such a test is available, it can dramatically improve patient care and reduce healthcare costs…

Caliendo AM, et al. Clinical Infectious Diseases 2013;57(S3):S139–70

bioMérieux – rapid results for relevant clinical decisions

As much as 60 to 70% of medical decisions are based upon in vitro diagnostics1. Rapid delivery of those diagnostics results supports earlier initiation of relevant therapy, adjustment of empirical treatment, and rapid patient isolation. bioMérieux constantly innovates to ensure that our instruments and reagents offer ever-better time to result.

1) The Lewin Group, Inc. The Value of Diagnostics Innovation, Adoption and Diffusion into Healthcare (July 2005)


High medical value diagnostic tests

Excellent time-to-results depends on high medical value diagnostic tests. By fine-tuning the composition of agars, for example, clear results are available sooner. Without reliable results (sensitive, specific, standardized), valuable time is wasted in retesting. bioMérieux has been at the forefront of microbiology for more than half a century – and our tradition of excellence drives our R&D for high quality diagnostic tests. For example:

Chromogenic media – see the difference. bioMérieux’s chromID® range offers simultaneous culture and identification of microorganisms in clinical specimens. With color intensity and specificity, results easy to read in 18-24 hours.

Rapid microbiological information was associated with quality improvement seen in earlier changes in antibiotic use, an improved clinical outcome and financial benefits.

Galar A, et al. Journal of Infection 2012; 65, 302-309.

Microbial identification in minutes not hours – the VITEK® MS system uses cutting-edge mass spectrometry technology to accurately identify microorganism species within minutes.

Real-time molecular testing – for standardized, reliable results, bioMérieux offers ranges including the Argene® range for real-time PCR, with time-to-results within 2 hours after extraction. Argene® is validated for all major extraction platforms including the automated NucliSENS® easyMAG®.


Optimizing lab workflow


Optimal workflow in the microbiology lab ensures rapid results and transmission to the patient bedside. Here’s how bioMérieux can help:

Workflow Optimization Services

bioMérieux experts have helped numerous labs review their practices through Workflow Optimization Services. We work with you to help you make the most out of your existing equipment and focus staff expertise where it is most effective.

Automation and IT solutions

  • Full Microbiology Lab Automation (FMLA®)–bioMérieux’s comprehensive solution for microbiology lab automation. Our efficient automated instruments work together seamlessly for excellent workflow and maximum productivity.
  • Our IT solutions, particularly Myla® integrated software, improve information management and communications to ensure that relevant information and results are always at the fingertips of those who need them.

Emergency Department: every minute counts

Time-to-results is important throughout the health facility, but in the Emergency Department (ED), a minute can truly make a difference. Diagnostic tests help identify high-risk patients, to rapidly initiate appropriate treatment, and to isolate patients as needed. bioMérieux offers a number of products geared to meet critical ED needs. For example:

  • Results in only 20 minutes – the easy-to-use VIDAS® Emergency Diagnostics Solution includes markers of cardiac necrosis, heart failure, venous thromboembolism and severe bacterial infections. With key emergency tests performed on a single instrument, you can manage urgent samples apart from your routine activity.
  • rule-out tests – D-dimer testing, such as with VIDAS® D-Dimer Exclusion™ II combined with clinical assessment, can help rule out up to 50% of patients presenting to the ED with suspected venous thromboembolism (VTE) .1,2 VIDAS® D-Dimer Exclusion™ II offers results in just 20 minutes.

1. Righini M, et al. J Thromb Haemost. 2007;5:1869-7.
2. Ten Cate-Hoek AJ, et al. J Thromb Haemost. 2005;3:2465-70.

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