• CHEMUNEX® Flow Cytometry Analyzers

CHEMUNEX® Flow Cytometry Analyzers

Real time microbial detection systems

  • Speed
  • Sensitivity
  • Full automation

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Using fluorescent cell labeling technology, all CHEMUNEX Flow Cytometry Analyzers perform direct labeling and detection of microorganisms. Automated, extremely sensitive and rapid, they are ideal for laboratories performing rapid microbial detection on cosmetic products.

Rapid Microbial Detection using cytometry

CHEMUNEX cytometry analyzers use the proven fluorescent cell labeling technology to perform ultra-rapid microbial detection. With this technology, all microorganisms are labeled and counted, cell by cell, and results are provided without the need for any interpretation. The fluorescent cell labeling technology guarantees ultra-sensitivity and provides results in 24 to 48 hours.

  • Commercial sterility tests in hours
  • Quantitative direct results in minutes
  • Results 2 to 7 days earlier than with traditional methods
  • Significant reduction of quarantine times and warehouses costs

High performance & rapidity

Combining speed and sensitivity, the 3 automated CHEMUNEX cytometry analyzers simplify and optimize your laboratory work, and are ideal for the control of non-filterable products.

  • Faster product release
  • Fastest response to contamination incidents
  • Rapid confirmation of corrective action effectiveness
  • Minimized production disruption
  • Fewer product losses

3 levels of automation to answer your needs


  • High throughput analyzer
  • Automated  Lebeling and Reading
  • 48 samples/batch
  • 50 tests/hour


BactiFlow® ALS

  • Fully automated real time analyzer
  • Automated Labeling and Reading
  • 23 samples/batch
  • 25 samples/hour



  • Semi-automated real time analyzer
  • Manual labeling
  • Automated reading
  • Up to 12 tests/hour


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