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BioBall® Custom Services 



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In response to the market trend and to complement our BioBall® Reference Strain offer, we can adapt our offer to your very own specific needs with our BioBall® Custom Services.


This service enables you to order BioBall® with a specific strain : any strains from your in-house collection can be used to manufacture BioBall® products:

  • Environmental monitoring isolates
  • Contaminants of products
  • Raw materials


Available in two different formats (Single Dose with 60 cfu/BioBall or Multi Dose with 550 cfu/BioBall®), it will take approximately 12 weeks for a BioBall Plant Isolate to be manufactured, from the strain reception to its shipment to you.


BioBall® can also be manufactured with any strain selected from specified culture collections (NCTC or DSMZ and can also be made using any proprietary strain with commercial value, as long as third party intellectual property rights are not infringed.


Advantages of a customized service like BioBall® Custom Services :

  • No upfront cost and free of charge if the specification cannot be met
  • You choose the cfu level most adapted to your needs : more flexibility and convenience for your everyday needs
  • Real experience in Quantitative microbiology
  • Supplied certificate of analysis stating actual mean cfu and standard deviation for each batch
  • BioBall® Plant Isolate has a 12-month expiry date
  • Worry free ordering : from collecting your strains to delivering BioBall® Plant Isolate to your site – BTF organizes everything
  • Second and subsequent orders of the same strains in a BioBall Plant Isolate format are eligible for a discount

Visit BioBall website :  http://www.bioball.com/

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