• Media Fill Test 3P™

Media Fill 3P™

Pharmaceutical Proven Performance for sterility testing

  • Easier contamination detection
  • Improved ease of use
  • Fewer false positive and false negative results

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Sterility Testing Expertise

The reading of media fill tests represents a critical stage for the control and validation of aseptic processes in pharmaceutical industries. Helping our customers deal with both time-consuming and risky manual operations, we at bioMérieux are proud to offer a new level of quality through our range of Media Fill Tests (MFT).



Innovative Solutions

Benefitting from a strong experience in sterility testing, we have developed revolutionary culture media to improve our MFT, available with either vegetable or animal peptones. One of the three dehydrated culture media we offer contains a unique color indicator, changing from pink to yellow in case of contamination.


bioMérieux's innovative MFT range offers

  • More confidence in the result
  • Easier detection of contaminated units improved ease-of-use


Pioneering diagnostics