• Culture Media Filling system for Petri dishes APS One


Automated Pourer Stacker – Culture media plate pouring system for your Veterinary laboratory

  • High plate dispensing rate
  • Outstanding plate quality
  • Enhanced productivity

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Part of our AES Blue Line, APS One is a culture media plate pouring system, or Automated Pourer Stacker. Producing quality culture media plates, APS One™ improves your workflow by 


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dispensing up to 800 petri dishes per hour.

Automated Culture Media Filling system

Easy-to-use, APS One is the necessary step between culture media preparation and efficient microbial detection and enumeration. Filling and dispensing hundreds of petri plates in minimum time, APS One provides you with your very own reliable homemade culture media. With this automated system, save time and be ensured of the high performance of your culture media, and of a perfect batch to batch reproducibility.



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APS One : state of the art technology

Quality: Reduced risk of contamination : APS One closes the plate immediately after filling it under UV light

Convenience: Due to its compact size, APS One is very easy for all technicians to load. Rapid and easy loading as plates can be stacked into the instrument column by column or 5 columns by 5 columns

Innovation: with its Integrated plate cooling system, solidification time is reduced as well as condensation

Flexibility: APS One can operate with most plastic plate brands and you can easily install the optional 55mm plate filling system to use APS One for both 90 mm and 55 mm plates





AES Blue Line : a complete range of solutions


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With the AES Blue Line, bioMérieux offers a complete range of automated solutions

for your culture media preparation and sample preparation operations 



Plates/hour : 90 mm 


12 ml

14 ml

18 ml





Turbo mode




Plates/hour : 55 mm


9 ml



Dispensing volume : 1 to 50 ml

Plates cooling system : standard (integrated)

Peristaltic pump : easy loading type

Multilingual graphic screen : English, Spanish, German, Italian and French pre-installed, all other languages can be imported by the user

20 programs can be stored in internal memory

Integrated keypad or USB mouse driven (order mouse separately)

Traceability recordings on USB stick (order stick separately)

Ethernet port

UV lamp with user protection (Plexiglas cover)

Detection of faulty plates

Pump dispensing mode to fill tubes or flasks

Connection for external pump (PM05)

Dimensions : H 890 x W 720 x D 640 mm

Weight : 60 kg

Packing : H 385 x W 808 D 1795

and H 690 x W 760 mm/ 70 kg / 2 boxes

Power : 115-230 V +/- 10% 50/60 Hz


Enhance your instrument’s filling rate with the optional APS One turbo kit : while keeping outstanding plate pouring quality, reach a filling rate of up to 850 plates per hour for 18 mL plates.


Find more information on APS One options & accessories in our veterinary diagnostics e-catalogue


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