• Solutions for Legionella
  • Solutions for Legionella

Solutions for Legionella

Solutions for Legionella detection, enumeration and identification

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bioMerieux offers solutions to detect, enumerate and identify Legionella from any kind of environmental waters. For both clean and dirty waters, we guarantee reliable results through our complete range of culture media.


Legionella Detection & Enumeration Culture Media

Our offer for Legionella detection and enumeration includes both standard and alternative solutions.

The standard media: GVPC media

  • High performance with a great recovery of Legionella pneumophila
  • Time saving: ready-to-use media
  • ISO 11731 compliant

The AFNOR validated alternative: MWY media

  • Ideal for highly contaminated waters
  • Improved performance:
    - High selectivity against moulds, yeasts and other gram negative bacteria

    - Reduced number of very highly contaminated plates
    - Ready-to-use

    - AFNOR validated
    - NEN 6265 (NL) and Australia standards Compliant


Identification of Legionella pneumophila SG1, Legionella pneumophila SG2-15, Legionella anisa

SLIDEX® Legionella

SLIDEX® Legionella performs high quality identification of Legionella presence in environmental waters.  The reagent used demonstrates great efficiency and reliability.

  • High performance: Almost 90% of Legionella strains present in environmental waters are identified
    - Detection of L. pneumophila SG1 to SG15 (SG15 is a recently described serogroup)

    - Detection of L. anisa: one of the pathogenic L. non-pneumophila strains of most interest and for epidemiological investigations (L. anisa is considered as a possible indicator of water contamination with L. pneumophila)
  • High quality: great media sensitivity and specificity
  • Easy interpretation: agglutination is rapid and makes interpretation easier
  • Cost-saving: measured drops to optimize number of tests

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