• Water Analysis Culture Media
  • Water Analysis Culture Media

Water Analysis Culture Media

Culture media solutions for drinking, industrial, surface and waste water testing

  • Complete range of standard & alternative media
  • Internationally validated
  • Highly selective

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bioMerieux’ solution for water analysis

Our media range for water analysis is complete and is ideal for:

  • Drinking water: Tap, tank, bottled water
  • Industrial water (eg: rinsing water, water used as an ingredient)
  • Surface waters
  • Waste waters

Our culture media enable the detection and enumeration of the main bacteria found in water samples:

  • Total coliforms (including Faecal coliforms and E.coli)
  • Enterococci
  • Heterotrophic plate count (HPC)
  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  • Total viable count
  • Sulfite-reducing anaerobes
  • Legionella


Alternative water testing media: chromogenic REBECCA™ CF Water

The chromogenic REBECCA™ CF Water  media is designed for the enumeration of E. coli & coliforms in drinking waters. AFNOR validated, this method is highly selective and provides you with clear results:

  • Blue colonies indicate presence of E.coli
  • Pink to violet colonies indicate presence of Coliforms


Benefits of REBECCA™ CF Water for your lab

  • Highly selectivity
  • Extremely easy to read
    - No background flora
    - Bright blue and pink colonies
  • Easy-to-use : Simplified protocol
  • Short protocol: 21h incubation instead of 44: less labour time
  • Reliability and confidence: no confirmation needed

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