• Workflow Optimization

Workflow Optimization

Performance solution by food microbiology experts

  • Improved laboratory organization
  • Streamlined workload
  • Increased productivity

További tájékoztatást szeretne?

Faced with an increasingly challenging environment, it’s time to look at your lab from a different angle.

bioMérieux Industry, as a Food Microbiology expert, has adapted and applied LEAN techniques to meet each lab’s specific needs and challenges.

Workflow optimization through LEAN methodology

LEAN is a methodology developed by Toyota for manufacturing and involves a set of principles, practices and methods for designing and improving processes. The main objective of LEAN is to maintain the quality of production with less work and reducing time between the customer request and delivery of final results by reducing or eliminating “waste” (non-added value task).

bioMérieux : your transition partner

Based on the combination of our microbiology expertise and LEAN knowledge, we can help you identify opportunities to remove “waste” to optimize your organization and increase your efficiency.

As your partner, we analyze your laboratory to provide you tailor-made, high-performance solutions



bioMérieux Workflow Optimization Solution will enable you to:

  • Increase productivity
  • Streamline processes
  • Optimize cost
  • Focus lab personnel on tasks with higher added-value





4 Steps to enhance lab productivity

Together we will analyze your lab structure and design a roadmap to optimize your laboratory workflow.


Establish your current situation and processes according to your lab’s specifications
Estimate potential and theoretical productivity gains



Evaluate workload, resources and space utilization in your laboratory
Analyze bottlenecks in your laboratory workflow 
Propose recommendations, new layout and road map tailored to your lab



Implement layout effectiveness and work station design
Reach the productivity gains expected



Enhance your lab performance by applying continuous improvement tools and involving your lab staff
Sustain and optimize your working conditions     



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Proof of how LEAN helps microbiology laboratory



Graph: Spaghetti diagram of current workflow (BEFORE) and new implemented workflow (AFTER)

BEFORE : Flows crossing  and lots of transports, movements

AFTER : Forward motion and reduced fatigue for the lab staff


bioMérieux Workflow Optimization Solution recommendations lead to new optimal lab layout with continuous flow, a more streamlined workload, and increased productivity: minimum 30% improvement gains.

Case study about Lean applied to food microbiology: 


“The Lean approach to optimize quality indicator testing in a food microbiological laboratory” presented and accepted to IAFP European Symposium, Poland, 2012.


“Thanks to Workflow Optimization, our lab has gained efficiency (41%), flexibility, and it helps us to manage our daiIy variable workload.I would really recommend this process as it allows us to continuously improve our performance.”
Ana Martins, Lab Manager, ControlVetTM, Portugal

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