• Ready-to-Use Sterility Testing Media

Ready-to-Use Sterility Testing Media

Manual microbial detection solutions

  • High quality
  • Wide range of media
  • Reliable

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Sterility Testing Expertise

Always ensuring the finest quality products, bioMérieux offers a wide range of Sterility Testing Media.

ISO 9001 certified since 1995 for all product lines, including sterility testing culture media, we at bioMérieux are proud to deliver quality solutions to our customers - using  a wealth of expertise acquired through decades of experience.

High performance solutions

From Aerobic bacteria culture media to rinse fluids, we guarantee the quality  of our diagnostic solutions, which satisfy current standards, including those described in the pharmacopoeia, and determine whether aseptic conditions have been effectively maintained during processing : an imperative for biopharmaceutical companies.

bioMérieux Sterility Testing Media have been :

  • Designed and validated from the ground-up for pharmaceutical applications (detection and enumeration)
  • Engineered to withstand adverse storage and transportation conditions
  • Controlled  extensively at each stage of the production process to ensure final product quality


Pioneering diagnostics