CE-marking of VIDAS® KUBE™, the next generation system in the VIDAS® immunoassay portfolio

21 december, 2022

Marcy-l'Étoile, France, December 20th, 2022 — bioMérieux, a world leader in the field of in vitro diagnostics, announces the CE-marking of VIDAS® KUBE™, the next generation automated immunoassay system for the renowned VIDAS® range. This innovation will benefit clinical labs and food industries by providing results to help speed up patient care and protect consumers.

Launched over 30 years ago, VIDAS® has transformed the field of immunoassays offering laboratories universal access to a simple, automated and robust technology providing fast and reliable results. Featuring a single-test concept in an all-in-one kit, VIDAS® is currently used in more than 160 countries by 25,000 laboratories. It is still one of the most widely used immunoassay system in clinical laboratories worldwide*.

VIDAS® KUBETM, the latest addition to this innovative range, combines advanced technology with the recognized values of the VIDAS® solution.

“VIDAS® has always been the go-to for automated immunoassay testing for many labs worldwide,” says François Lacoste, Executive Vice-President, Research & Development. “Based on dialogue with customers, we kept everything they already value about the VIDAS® solution while responding to their most recent needs for increased flexibility, traceability and ease-of-use.”

The new VIDAS® KUBE™ features stackable and modular benchtop design and easy implementation that will benefit clinical diagnostic labs. It is compatible with the existing broad routine test menu covering emergency and critical care, immunochemistry, infectious diseases.

Part of bioMérieux’ Corporate and Social Responsibility strategy is dedicated  to continuously lowering its own carbon and environment footprint and that of its customers. VIDAS® KUBE encompasses this ethos and has been specifically eco-designed to reduce energy consumption.

Pierre Boulud, Chief Operating Officer, Clinical Operations, adds: “Bringing innovation to all our customers, whether they are new to automation or wanting to upgrade to advanced technology, is key to bioMérieux. VIDAS KUBE® is the next generation analyzer that will progressively replace MINI VIDAS® and VIDAS® instruments. It incorporates the latest technologies and is a testimony of bioMérieux’s continued long-term commitment in fighting infectious diseases. Together with our customers, we are writing the new chapter of the already successful 30-year history in immunoassay automation.”

The commercial launch of VIDAS® KUBETM is planned in selected countries at the beginning of 2023, extending gradually as of Q2 to the rest of the world.

VIDAS® KUBE™ for industrial food labs

VIDAS® KUBE™ will also benefit industrial microbiology food labs. It is compatible with the existing Industry pathogen test menu. This instrument has been validated for use in methods requiring ISO 16140‐2:2016, AOAC-RI** and AOAC-OMA*** certifications.

“For industrial labs, consumer safety is paramount, even as production speeds up. They need simplified automation for same-day, accurate results to ensure no compromise of product safety and quality, explains Yasha Mitrotti, Executive Vice-President, Industrial Microbiology. We can meet for sure this need with VIDAS® KUBE™.”


* According to internal market research.

** Association of Official Analytical Chemists Research Institute

*** Association of Official Analytical Chemists - Official Methods of Analysis

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