Rapid Microbiology systems

Discover ultra rapid microbiology systems & release your products faster ! 

bioMérieux  provides a complete range of systems for microbial spoilage rapid detection.

Combining speed, reliability and sensitivity, BacT/ALERT® 3D and CHEMUNEX® systems are widely used in routine by food production facilities throughout the world.

Rapid microbial results for final product release and process control delivered by the BacT/ALERT® and CHEMUNEX® technologies have a direct impact on the reduction of quarantine time, warehouse costs and production disruption.

The BacT/ALERT and CHEMUNEX® systems can be implemented with relative ease into any laboratory performing direct quantitative and presence/absence testing of spoilage microorganisms and effectively improve the quality of testing for many product types.

They also improve laboratory workflow by reducing hands-on time and eliminate false positives, retesting, lengthy sample pre-incubation and instrument standardization by product. There is no longer the need to run batch controls or to develop baselines to compensate for background readings. All of this can be accomplished without sacrificing accuracy and reliability.


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