bioMérieux is reducing its use of non-renewable energy and improving the energy efficiency of its equipment and buildings.

bioMérieux continues developing the use of renewable energies and improving the energy efficiency of its equipment and buildings. The range of measures implemented since 2008 resulted in a 14% drop in energy consumption at the end of 2011 (MWh/€m, as compared with sales).

Renewable energy

In 2011, bioMérieux signed a contract for "green" electricity supply for its Marcy L’Étoile and Craponne sites in France, which consume a great deal of energy.

  • This contract ensures that both sites receive half of their electricity from renewable sources, with associated RECS certificates (Renewable Energy Certificate System).

bioMérieux also generates renewable energy on several of its sites:

  • Use of solar thermal energy to produce hot water for the cafeteria at the Craponne site.
  • Electricity production using photovoltaic panels in Durham, North Carolina (USA): the electricity generated is fed back into the local electricity grid.
  • The use of renewable energies is also increasing at bioMérieux's subsidiaries.

Energy efficiency of equipment

bioMérieux continues improving the energy efficiency of its equipment through initiatives including:

  • Durham, North Carolina: the controls for the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system in the site's administrative building have been replaced, giving increased flexibility for temperature control and improving the building's energy performance. The associated annual energy savings are estimated at 1,140 MWh, or more than 30,000 US dollars.
  • bioMérieux Germany:
    • Installation of a new refrigeration system in the warehouse with expected energy savings of 25%.
    • In January 2012, a new remotely-regulated gas-fired heat and power generation system was installed, producing electricity and providing heating for the premises.
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