bioMérieux is committed to reducing both internal and external paper use. 

In just three years (from 2008 to 2011), awareness-raising initiatives and measures to rationalize the use of paper have enabled bioMérieux's paper consumption to be reduced by:

  • more than 40% in France,
  • 30% in the United States.

Electronic instructions for use

Wherever permitted by local regulations, bioMérieux is continuing to make instructions for use for its reagents available in electronic format instead of paper format. Instructions are now available electronically for the TEMPO®, BacT/ALERT® Industry, Lyphocults® and Etest® ranges.

  • In 2011, the company saved an estimated 80 tons of paper.
  • The electronic format also avoids the scrapping of obsolete versions of paper instructions for use.

EcoPrint printing system

Among other advantages, this printing system enables a more rational management of paper use through more accurate monitoring and traceability of consumption levels.

Double-sided printing and the use of black and white instead of color are set up as default settings.

EcoPrint is in place in a number of subsidiaries in Europe, the United States, Asia, Latin America and Australia.

Electronic document management

The system implemented in 2010 now comprises nearly 20,000 documents. It contributes to decreasing paper consumption as the entire document management process (creation, review, approval, publication and any subsequent changes) is performed electronically.


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