• Cronobacter chromogenic media

Cronobacter chromogenic media

Selective isolation agar for Cronobacter spp.detection in infant milk powder

  • High selective media
  • Easy-to-read
  • Mandatory media of the ISO TS 22964 standard

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Detection of Cronobacter spp. (including Sakazakii) with ESIA® chromogenic culture medium


The formulation of ESIA® guarantees optimal growth of Cronobacter Sakazakii, and inhibits other interfering flora. 

  • Cronobacter Sakazakii colonies appear blue
  • Easy screening
  • Available in different formats

- Dehydrated media
- Ready-to-use plate

  • ISO TS 22964 compliant


Complete offer to perform ISO TS 22964 standards

All media required are available in our product portfolio:

  • ESIA
  • Buffered peptone water
  • mLST broth
  • TSA agar



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