New-generation mass spectrometry microbial identification system

Take your mass spectrometry to the next level! With its all-new design, the VITEK® MS PRIME MALDI-TOF (Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization-Time of Flight) system for routine microbial identification enhances productivity for faster time to results and improved patient management.

  • Superior workflow and seamless connectivity with VITEK® 2 AST
  • Robust & accurate single-choice identifications in minutes
  • Supports earlier optimized antimicrobial therapy for patient care and AMS
  • Backed by 55 years of microbiology expertise

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VITEK® MS PRIME: designed to maximize routine workflow efficiency

VITEK® MS PRIME is intelligently designed for superior workflow efficiency. Its time-saving innovations deliver faster identification results.  Enhance your productivity further through seamless integration with VITEK® 2 AST results to provide earlier targeted patient therapy and support Antimicrobial Stewardship (AMS).

Designed for maximized productivity & uptime

  • Automated continuous Load & Go:
    • Load up to 16 slides without impact on samples currently processing
    • End-to-end sample traceability with automatic barcode scanning
    • Unload slides individually or by batch on demand
  • One-click urgent slide prioritization, with automatic resumption of regular analysis
  • All new inside: Lifetime laser*, long-lasting linear detector, pioneering ion optic design and automated fine-tuning
  • Initiate automatic fine-tuning when instrument not in use; hands-free maintenance
  • Benchtop system: Easily integrates into your lab with space-saving design and on-board, adjustable PC

*up to 100 billion shots

Built on microbiology expertise

Robust and evolving database

  • Single-choice results at the species, genus, or group level in minutes
  • An average of 12 strains per species for microbial variability
  • Database regularly updated with emerging species and taxonomy changes

Foundation of Workflow efficiency

  • Fast, easy protocols including on-slide sample prep for bacteria and yeast with VITEK® PICKMETM (or a loop)
  • Ready-to-use kits for mycobacteria, nocardia and moulds
  • Preparation and results review at any bench

Fits the lab for seamless ID & AST

  • Direct link with VITEK® 2 AST for faster results
  • Integration brings additional traceability and flexibility
  • Lab data converted into actionable insights with MYLA® and middleware

Service and support from a committed partner

  • By your side from installation and integration to daily operations
  • Expert lab consultancy to optimize adoption and processes
  • Microbiology expertise with 55+ years of experience

Helping your lab make a difference in AMS

In a world of ever-challenging Antimicrobial Resistance, bioMérieux is your committed partner for Antimicrobial Stewardship (AMS). By putting diagnostics at the heart of AMS, labs help drive informed decisions. Count on bioMérieux to provide your laboratory with the most up to date and complete AMS solution to fight resistance and help sustain antibiotics for future generations.

VITEK® MS PRIME further strengthens your capacity to support AMS. By reporting ID results even faster, you help drive informed clinical decisions that optimize antibiotic patient therapy earlier.


Just 4 steps for simple, standardized sample prep

Make sample preparation for VITEK® MS easier, streamlined and more standardized with the new VITEK® PICKME™.


Designed by microbiology experts, VITEK® PICKME™ looks like a pen and is just as easy to use. Its disposable nib lets you easily pick up a colony just by contact and then smear a thin layer onto the VITEK® MS-DS target slide spot. The nib is then hygienically ejected directly into an appropriate waste container.

  • Significant time savings for sample spot preparation
  • Reduced variability among users
  • “Mucoid” and “dry” colonies considerably easier to deposit (vs. loops)
  • Improved homogeneity and thinner deposit, even for very mucoid colonies


Pioneering diagnostics