• Irradiated 3P® Range

Irradiated 3P® Range

Pre-Poured Media Irradiated 3P Range

  • Pharmaceutical Proven Performances
  • Safety net for your environmental monitoring
  • Special manufacturing process

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Dedicated to ensure patient health, we have developed environmental monitoring solutions adapted to biopharmaceutical industries.

Manual solution for environmental monitoring

Irradiated Count-Tact® 3P® Plates are made to guarantee you complete safety. Designed to be used in clean areas, Count-Tact® plates undergo exhaustive quality control:

  • Enumeration of the strains recommended by European, Japanese and American Pharmacopoeias
  • Batch to batch reproducibility: precise irradiation dose
  • Sterility testing before and after irradiation

3P® : a special manufacturing process to avoid contamination


For ideal safety level and to avoid the risk of false results, our Count-Tact® 3P® plates go through a specific manufacturing process:

Filled in clean area

  • Triple wrapped
  • Final product irradiated

Locksure: your safety net for prepared plated media

With our LockSure® 90 mm plate design, we provide you with additional security to assure the integrity of your samples and media. This locking lid made for 90 mm settle plates prevents contamination through accidental opening.

With only a simple twist in one direction, LockSure® plate helps you secure your sampling process.

Easy to use and guaranteeing safer transport and peace of mind, LockSure® is available with our 3P™ media range of 90 mm plates (Count-Tact® LockSure® coming soon).

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Vegetable peptone plated media


Aware of the importance of risk management faced by biopharmaceutical companies, we have developed a range of

irradiated environmental monitoring media formulated only with vegetable pepstones.

This solution enables to avoid any risk of BSE / TSE (Bovine / Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy) transference.

Optimize and secure your environmental monitoring process

Accessories to ensure reliability of collections:

  • Count-Tact FIX system plates limit the risks of accidental opening
  • The Count-Tact® Applicator standardizes surface collections in terms of time and pressure
  • BI-BOX: sterile box for the collection, transport and incubation of 10 Count-Tact® plates

Discover our entire media range for environmental monitoring in our e-catalogue

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