• ScanRDI®


Automated real-time microbial detection and enumeration method

  • Extreme sensitivity
  • Extreme speed
  • Simple process

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Major actor in the microbial detection field, bioMérieux is proud to offer its customers the ScanRDI® system, a high performance alternative to traditional methods.  With ScanRDI® apparatus, we provide you with the ideal solution if you need extremely rapid microbial detection results. 



Real time method for sterility testing
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Revolutionary Cytometry Method 

Combining extreme sensitivity and speed, this revolutionary system generates results of extreme accuracy using a solid phase cytometry method. Designed for the microbiological control of filterable products, the ScanRDI® apparatus can be used in a large variety of applications : troubleshooting, bioburden,  sterility testing and environmental control.

Ideal for both in-process and final testing, this cutting-edge technique delivers reliable results within only 90 minutes, detecting all viable organisms such as bacteria, bacteria spores, yeast, molds and mold spores. With its advanced sensibility, the ScanRDI® apparatus can detect down to only one living cell per sample.




In 3 hours from sampling to result, you know if you can follow on with your production or if you need to act immediatly

Simple Process

  • Filtration : microorganisms are captured on a special membrane, to which a solution is added, labeling all viable cells by making them fluoresce
  • Scanning : in less than 3 minutes, all viable cells fixed to the membrane are detected by the laser
  • Results : immediate display of direct viable cell count and of scan map delivering the precise location of each detected microorganism on the membrane
  • Data processing : with a 21 CFR part 11 compliant data management system, all results are delivered in the form of a tabulated data sheet, which includes daily control results

The performance of the ScanRDI® system relies on the solid-phase cytometry technology : a combination of fluorescent cell labeling and laser scanning.

Solid-phase cytometry

Cell Labeling

All viable microorganisms are labeled with an advanced reagent system which liberates free fluorochrome into the cytoplasm of all metabolically active cells, using enzymatic cleavage.

Laser Scanning

ScanRDI® detects all microorganisms labeled with the Fluoassure reagents. It can scan an entire membrane in less than 3 minutes and display the accurate number of viable cells.


Pioneering diagnostics