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Hogyan biztosítja betegei számára a legmegfelelőbb ellátást egészségügyi intézményében? Támogatja az orvosokat a legjobb klinikai döntés meghozatalában, amelyekkel a lehető leggyorsabban képesek elkezdeni a kezeléseket? Felhasználják a legújabb technológiákat?

Talált arra módot, hogy maximalizálja az alkalmazottak kompetenciáit? A bioMérieux-nél számos olyan szolgáltatást nyújtunk, amellyel egészségügyi szervezete elérheti a legnagyobb hatékonyságot.

Organizational efficiency is the most effective way for healthcare executives today to assure quality care to rising numbers of patients – sometimes even in spite of cuts to resources, staff and budgets. At bioMérieux, our 50 years of experience working with diagnostics laboratories gives us the know-how to help you build greater efficiencies in the lab and throughout your facility.

bioMérieux – optimizing efficiency from the lab to the bedside

By ensuring optimal efficiency every step of the pathway from the diagnostics lab to the patient bedside, you gain the capacity to bring quality care to all patients. Reliable diagnostic results delivered rapidly to clinicians means that apporpriate therapies can be implemented sooner.

Making the most of your lab

bioMérieux experts can help you review your current lab practices with a Lab Performance Assessment. Together, we’ll find ways to get the most out of your existing equipment and turn staff skills towards the most relevant tasks for best use of time and workflow. The resulting efficiencies impact patient care through rapid turnaround of reliable results.

Full Microbiology Lab Automation (FMLA®) and IT solutions

To boost your efficiencies even further, bioMérieux brings you the Full Microbiology Lab Automation – FMLA® – concept, a comprehensive solution for the automation of microbiology laboratories. We look at the lab as a whole, so instruments work together seamlessly for excellent workflow and maximum productivity. You can also improve information management and communications among labs and care providers with our innovative, integrated software solution, Myla®.

Efficient triage and discharge

Through efficient patient triage, proactive scheduling and active discharge planning, you can reduce the length of patient stays, and gain capacity in your system in terms of beds and staff time. bioMérieux’s Continuous Improvement Events helps you map the process to identify bottlenecks and the main causes of delayed discharge at all points of the healthcare pathway.

Support staff skills development

Continuing education and training are critical to ensuring staff capabilities and satisfaction. When you support staff members in developing their skills and ensuring they feel their skills are being used appropriately, they are happier and more efficient. bioMérieux offers a full range of training courses, suited to all levels and positions.

bioMérieux’s LEAN lab Assessment

60 to 70% of medical decisions are based on in vitro diagnostics1. That’s why a focus on helping lab personnel maximize their skills brings big impact to the whole organization’s efficiency. Our consultants can help you increase your lab’s productivity by up to 30%  with a LEAN Lab Assessment that gives staff the opportunity take control of their own personal development. Our experienced outside perspective brings clarity to identify inefficient working practices, guide positive change and increase motivation.

The real LEAN experience

Prior to the LEAN laboratory assessment, the microbiology laboratory at CNMC employed 11 FTEs plus a supervisor – and it still does. But thanks to our increased efficiency, the productivity of our staff has dramatically improved. The LEAN Laboratory assessment demonstrated that the microbiology laboratory had marked peaks and valleys of activity, which we needed to level off.

Post-LEAN Staffing: Minimizing the Extreme Peaks and Valleys



1) The Lewin Group, Inc. The Value of Diagnostics Innovation, Adoption and Diffusion into Healthcare (July 2005)

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