Munkafolyamat optimalizálása

Meg kell tartania a versenyelőnyét? Szeretné a legtöbbet kihozni a laboratóriumából, de nem tudja, hol kezdje?

A bioMérieux-nél segítünk Önnek, hogy laboratóriumának teljesítményét új szintre emelje számos szolgáltatással, amelyek optimalizálják a munkafolyamatokat.

The healthcare field today is under significant pressure, with an aging population and new challenges such as antimicrobial resistance. In the lab, this can mean being asked to increase workload and deliver results even more rapid, all the while maintaining quality. In some cases, these demands come in spite of cuts to resources, staff and budgets. At bioMérieux, our 50 years of experience working with microbiology laboratories means we understand the pressures you face, and we can offer innovative solutions to help you optimize workflow.

bioMérieux – personalized solutions to optimize workflow

Optimizing workflow starts with a look at what you are currently doing, with what human and technological resources. You know your lab better than anyone, but an expert, outside perspective helps provide the big picture. bioMérieux can partner with you to find personalized solutions and implement the changes to optimize workflow.


We kind of knew what needed to be done, but, as I like to say, we needed a kick in the pants and some coaching to help us get started and to stay the course. When the bioMérieux consultants came in and told us what we could achieve, it really helped us to move along much more quickly to achieve our desired outcomes.

Patrick J. O’Sullivan MS, MT (ASCP)SBB, Laboratory Operations Director, The Florida Hospital System

Strategic evaluation

bioMérieux experts can conduct a Workflow Assessment in partnership with you. Together, we’ll look at your performance from three key angles: process, people and technology. You’ll come out with clear ideas of what you’re doing best, and where you can optimize.

Implementing improved practices

Change isn’t easy. But we’ve guided numerous labs through the strategic changes to optimize workflow. We’ll be by your side to:

  • Improve productivity and throughput
  • Streamline processes to manage growing workload
  • Reduce turnaround time and ensure quality, standardized results for client satisfaction
  • Reduce or eliminate errors
  • Ensure staff skills are directed to most appropriate activities
  • Reduce movement strain and increase safety
  • Reduce stress and raise staff satisfaction

Automation and IT: innovations to free staff time, improve standardization and time to result



To boost your efficiencies even further, bioMérieux brings you a comprehensive solution for the automation of microbiology laboratories, called Full Microbiology Lab Automation – FMLA®. We look at the lab as a whole, so instruments work together seamlessly and can be configured in the way that works best for you. Staff gain time and can focus their skills where most needed, while you improve standardization and time to result. Our innovative, automated instrumentation includes, for example:

Information technology

Leverage bioMérieux’s integrated software solution, Myla®, to close the circle of efficient workflow. Through a unified interface, manage multiple instruments and multiple LIS, increase data and results traceability, and ensure timely, secure results delivery.

Promote staff skills development

Continuing education and training are critical to increase staff skills, efficiency and job satisfaction as staff feel their skills are being used appropriately. bioMérieux offers a full range of training courses, suited to all levels and positions.

bioMérieux’s Laboratory Performance Assessment

bioMérieux consultants can help you increase your lab’s productivity by up to 30% with a Laboratory Performance Assessment followed by Continuous Improvement Events (e.g. Kaizen) that gives staff the opportunity take control of improvements in their own laboratory development. We’ll help you identify inefficient working practices, guide positive change and increase motivation. LEAN Lab Implementation improves turnaround times and leads to faster results and more confident clinical decision making

LEAN Lab Implementation improves turnaround times and leads to faster results and more confident clinical decision making  - Download

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