Eredmények minősége

Laboratóriumának középpontjában a kiváló minőségű, megbízható eredmény áll? Célul tűzte ki, hogy a legfejlettebb eszközökbe és reagensekbe fektessen, és még azzal is tisztában van, hogy bölcsen kell döntenie a költségek fedezésével kapcsolatban? Úgy érzi, hogy a magasan képzett csapat elengedhetetlen, és szeretné biztosítani, hogy a képességeket a lehető legjobban használják ki? Támogatja a kiváló minőségű eredményeket kifogástalan minőségi és megfelelőségi intézkedésekkel, valamint akkreditációval? A bioMérieux az Ön tapasztalt partnere az ehhez kapcsolódó törekvéseiben. 

Delivering quality, actionable results to clinicians for the best patient care requires a culture of excellence in microbiology labs. To meet that objective in today’s challenging health care environment, you need to optimize every resource and develop a motivated, talented team. With innovative products and services designed exclusively for microbiology labs, bioMérieux can help you meet your goals.

bioMérieux – a pioneer, an innovator, your partner

bioMérieux has been at the forefront of in vitro diagnostics for more than half a century. We’ve been there through the evolution of challenges faced by microbiology labs in the increasingly complex health care environment. Our culture of innovation is as alive today as ever. You can count on bioMérieux as your long-term partner, providing quality diagnostic and screening tests to support optimal care worldwide.

Advanced diagnostics

A lot rides on the quality of your results – as much as 60 to 70% of medical decisions are based upon in vitro diagnostics1. For this reason, you aim to invest in best-in-class instruments and reagents to ensure the highest quality of results – while, naturally, keeping in mind the pressure to contain costs and use resources wisely. bioMérieux’s continually strives to advance through R&D to help you meet that need. We bring you products that offer ease of use and clear, reliable, standardized results. Our innovations in reagents range from our cost-effective “gold standard” API® strips (10 API® ID strips are used in the world every minute!) to the chromID®  range of chromogenic culture media that offers color intensity and specificity for easy-to-read ID results. With our automated instruments and FMLA® (Full Microbiology Lab Automation), we also aim to help you improve the quality of your results by increasing standardization and freeing up staff to address the more skills-intensive actions.

1) The Lewin Group, Inc. The Value of Diagnostics Innovation, Adoption and Diffusion into Healthcare (July 2005)

Boost staff skills and confidence

Clear workplace expectations and performance guidelines are vital to your skilled workforce. Plus, to ensure a highly-motivated, competent team, you need to ensure staff keep up with new technologies and knowledge in health sciences. bioMérieux offers a range of training programs to help you improve staff performance, boost motivation and commitment and empower them to play a greater role in the lab’s performance towards quality results. We offer customized programs to match your unique needs and a combined learning approach – both in the classroom and through distance learning (e-learning and webinars).

Confidence through accreditation

Quality and compliance standards help you ensure you are meeting your goals for quality results to positively impact patient care. bioMérieux can be your partner in ensuring you meet the highest standards. Our automated instruments ensure standardization and complete traceability so you have all the necessary information at your fingertips.

We also offer Labguard®, for real-time wireless quality control monitoring of all your operations. Our dedicated experts can even provide customized services to help you meet accreditation standards and ensure you are ready to offer high quality results. An accreditation experience need not be daunting: successful accreditation gives you confidence in your capacity to assure the quality of your results, every time.

Pioneering diagnostics