Szeretné növelni a laboratóriuma termelékenységét, javítani a dolgozók hatékonyságát és gyorsabb átfutási időt szeretne? Szükségesnek látja a minőség optimalizálását? De nincs lehetőség több alkamlazott foglalkoztatására vagy még több befektetésre? Mi, a bioMérieux-nél megértjük ezeket a kérdéseket, és olyan megoldásokat kínálunk, amelyek segítenek az erőforrások optimális kezelésében.

Faced with ever-increasing demands, yet needing to contain costs and never compromise quality, microbiology laboratories are often stretched to their limits. Always feeling like you’re in “react mode”, then you may not always be managing resources optimally and therefore lose intellectual capital, time and money. A well-planned infrastructure of automated instrumentation can help optimize resource use and free staff for more value-added tasks. Ensuring staff skills and motivation – good human resources management – will also go a long way towards top productivity.

Finally, you can leverage quality and compliance regulations and accreditation to guide you to ensure your overall efficiency, good resource use and return on investment. With more than 50 years working with microbiology labs, bioMérieux has the knowledge to help your team achieve excellent resource management.

bioMérieux – Gain efficiency with our quality, automated instruments

Imagine your lab functioning with high-quality instrumentation that perfectly suit your needs for output, since instruments work seamlessly together and are customizable to your laboratory setup. Think of how your staff will appreciate turning their skills to the most relevant hands-on tasks while knowing that no time is being lost because automated instruments take care of the rest, offering timely, standardized results. This is what bioMérieux strives to bring you with our innovative, high-quality automated instruments.

Free up valuable staff time with automation

bioMérieux’s Full Microbiology Lab Automation – FMLA® – is a wide-reaching solution for the automation and increased efficiency of laboratories. Our difference is to drive optimized workflow and maximum productivity by looking at the lab as a whole. Innovative, integrated Myla® software ensures information management and communications flow among labs and care providers to improve traceability and time to result.

Instrument services – maximize instrument uptime

bioMérieux’s personalized instrument services helps your team get the most out of equipment to manage heavier workloads and improve ROI. We use specialized tools, established procedures and in-house parts to keep things running optimally in your lab, creating a stress-free, productive environment.

Optimize human resources with flexible and customized training

It’s a cliché but it’s true: your human resources are your most valuable resources. bioMérieux has designed a full range of flexible training courses adapted to all posts that will enable you to improve staff performance, boost motivation and commitment and empower them to play a greater role in the performance of the lab. Our customized programs match your unique needs. You and your staff can train with our team of specialists using a combined learning approach – both in the classroom and through distance learning (e-learning and webinars).

Quality and Compliance for optimal resource management

Today’s regulatory environment is extremely complex. When you manage your resources most effectively, you are able to meet quality and compliance standards with greater ease – ensuring the value of your results and ultimately contributing to quality patient care.

We build quality and compliance right into our instruments and services – for example, by offering complete traceability through automation; real-time wireless quality control monitoring through Labguard®; or by providing a Certificate of Compatibility to easily show compatibility between our instruments and reagents.

Our dedicated experts can also come to you to help you meet accreditation standards and in doing so, improve daily operations. Successful accreditation gives you confidence in your resource and operations management, improves reputation and boosts team motivation, ensuring effective resource management into the future.


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