Betegek és fogyasztók

A közegészségügy iránti elkötelezettségünk a Mérieux hagyományt követi.

I am utterly convinced that the solution to global public health needs, and especially those relating to AIDS, is to be found in cross-disciplinary approaches involving scientists and public-private partnerships, combining industrial know-how with humanitarian concerns.

Alain Mérieux, founder of bioMérieux


From the beginning, when Marcel Mérieux worked alongside Louis Pasteur, the Mérieux family, and later bioMérieux, have a long tradition in the fight against disease. Today the Mérieux family carries on its role as industrial biologists serving public health worldwide.

Diseases know no borders, and bioMérieux is committed to making diagnostics accessible to populations throughout the world, whatever the local healthcare system.

The issue of food safety is also a significant public health concern globally.

bioMérieux strives not only to supply food safety and quality solutions for the food industry, but also to be a public health partner and educator to help ensure a safe and nutritious food supply accessible globally.


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